Our Mission Statement


The Tepes name has been highly respected in the Lehigh Valley building industry for over four decades. Tepes Construction Company has set the standards for quality and value in residential and light commercial construction.

As part of their on-going commitment to provide Lehigh Valley homeowners with top quality housing at affordable prices, the Tepes’ stay atop the newest advances in residential construction.

The Tepes homeowners enjoy the benefits of new building techniques, state-of-the-art materials and improved design features.

Coupled into the new building technology is the fine craftsmanship that only years of experience can provide. The Tepes' are on site daily to assure that their homes meticulously measure up to their uncompromising quality standards.

When you choose the Tepes Family as your family builder, you will be choosing one of the Lehigh Valley's finest builders, committed to excellence and pride of the industry.